A 70 Year History

Our earthy, romantic dining room with its large wooden booths, is almost as it was in 1927. The passionate, smoke-darkened murals of dramatic flamenco dancers still adorn our walls, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Authentic Family Recipes.

The El Faro Story

This small restaurant in New York’s West Village was born in 1927. Its first set of owners, Manuel Rivas and Edwardo Cabana, ran the establishment as a Spanish bar and grill. This area of New York was heavily populated with Irish immigrants that worked in the nearby meatpacking houses, which still stand today. By 1933, the Spanish civil war broke out and continued until 1939. During the Spanish conflict, there was a mass emigration from Spain. Over 1 million Spaniards lost their lives during the war and by 1941 famine had engulfed Spain.

When the Spanish freighters laid anchor on 23rd Street the sailors would jump ship and settle in the west village. The west village was full of cheap boarding houses, and lots of menial labor was available. So the West Village and 14th Street area to 8th Avenue became known as “Little Spain”. Manuel Rivas and Mr. Cabana sold El Faro to Andres Lugris and Jose Perez on September 10th 1959 for $4,000.00!

The rest is history. El Faro has become just more than a restaurant to its customers, many have grown up inside El Faro and it is a part of their family, a place that is as comfortable to them as the house they grew up in. El Faro is the same as it was when their parents came here on their first date, 30 years ago! They can sit in the same booth, eat out of the same pot, the food is the same as when they first came!

There are few things that do not change in over thirty years, but El Faro has survived the test of time and has provided much happiness for three generations of families.

I have told you a little about El Faro, now I want to know about your El Faro Story. Please write me atĀ labruja@msn.comĀ and tell me about it. I will print it on the Website.

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Mark Lugris