10 Tips To Help You Enjoy Better & Healthy Sleep

10 Tips To Help You Enjoy Better & Healthy Sleep

10 Tips To Help You Enjoy Better & Healthy Sleep

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If you are having sleep issues, you are not sleeping well or having enough shut-eye time; then the following tips will help improve the quality of your slumber for you to enjoy a well-rested night.

  1. Regular sleep patterns

The body should have healthy sleep routine and you need to help it establish such a daily schedule by having a set time to go to bed and wake up.

  1. Spend the right amount of time in bed

The standard time for restful sleep is eight hours; however, some people will require less of this and others more. The hours spent sleeping should vary by +/- 2 hours. You should consider going to bed early if you have trouble falling asleep.

  1. Avoid screen when in its bedtime

Most screens emit blue light with disrupts your sleep; as such, you should keep your phones away and turn off the bedroom TV when its bedtime. You should allow your mind and body tuned to sleeping rather than being distracted by screens.

  1. Relax before bed

You should have a mind that is free from tomorrow’s worries. Avoid thinking about what you will have to do the next day and just let your mind and body relax. Consider using something that relaxes you, such as listen to soothing music or reading a book instead of using your smartphone or laptop.

  1. Be comfortable in bed

The bed should have comfy bedding and ensure the room as the ideal temperature, and it should be quiet and with dim light or dark. Also, dress in the right clothes for bed.

  1. Avoid smoking, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol

The chemical makeup of these substances effects you mentally and physically, with impaired sleep being one of the outcomes. And while alcohol consumption can make you sleepy, its overall impact is disruptive to your sleep cycle. As for smoking and caffeine, these are stimulants that keep you from sleeping.

  1. Limit Daytime naps

While a nap is an ideal way of hitting the refresh button when you feel spent, taking long naps or frequent ones can affect your sleep. Limit your naps to one or two with each lasting around half an hour and spaced at least four hours apart. Also, ensure you have at least four hours between your bedtime and your last nap.

  1. Stop Checking the clock

Checking the time every other minute when you are having a hard time falling asleep will do little to help. It only makes you anxious thus robbing you of some much need shut-eye.

  1. Avoid taking sleep medicines

Taking sleeping pills when you are battling insomnia can never give a permanent solution. Moreover, the use of these drugs should be under the advice and prescription of a trusted doctor. The use of sleeping medication has to have a strong reason behind it because these drugs are highly addictive.

  1. Get professional help

If you try any or all the above tips and still cannot enjoy a restful night’s sleep, then you should seek professional advice and treatment from a qualified doctor that will try and find the root cause of the problem.


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