5 Cool Things About Living in Milwaukee

5 Cool Things About Living in Milwaukee

The Midwest has a reputation for being an area of kindness, diversity, and ample opportunity in a variety of industries. 

Milwaukee is part of America’s Heartland, a city known for its scenic waterways, sports teams, historic district, and variety of brews. 

As you look at Milwaukee apartments for rent, remember these cool reasons to move to the Badge State. 

It’s coastal.

Probably not the first thing you think of when you think of Milwaukee, but the city does sit on a coast! It’s situated along the southwest shore of Lake Michigan, giving way to many water-centric perks 

Doctors Park is a great place for families with trails, a playground, practice fields, and sandy beaches. Big Bay Park is a quiet hidden gem, and Atwater Beach has 800 feet of flat sand that’s open for your towel and umbrella set-ups, and as many sandcastles as you can build. 

You’ll find Fourth of July and Memorial Day celebrations along these beaches, and ample opportunity to get active and kayak, run, canoe, play volleyball, or do yoga. 

It’s music to your ears.

Summerfest is the largest to-do in the city and self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Music Festival,” a two-week event that brings in close to 900,000 people from across the country.

The venue is adjacent to Lake Michigan at Henry Maier Festival Park, meaning a beautiful lake breeze will help cool the hot summer days as you jam out to your favorite artists. 

Former performers include Lil Wayne, Lionel Richie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and Lady Gaga. 

Outside of this are music venues with acts year-round that have many genres, like the Miller High Life Theatre, Turner Hall, and various local bars and restaurants that support community artists. 

It’s suds central.

Milwaukee is home to several iconic beer brands and has a history steeped in the brewing industry – its MLB team is even named the Milwaukee Brewers. 

Brew City has been (and still is, in some cases) home to the Miller Brewing Company, Pabst Brewing Company, and Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. 

There are plenty of beer tours to partake in, and popular breweries you can visit include The Bavarian Bierhaus, Black Husky Brewing Company, and City Lights Brewing Company.

It provides the perfect balancing act.

Having a great work-life balance is key in life. Milwaukee affords that thanks to big city amenities without the troublesome long commute, housing that is affordable and spread throughout diverse neighborhoods, and a cost of living that sits 13 percent below the nation’s average.

There are also many industries to choose from to settle down in a job, and top-tier education for those at the beginning of their career path like Marquette University and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

It celebrates diversity.

From the food to the people you’ll find in the diverse neighborhoods, Milwaukee celebrates a breadth of cultures, hobbies, and much more.

PrideFest Milwaukee is the annual celebration for the LGBTQ+ community,  the Big Pig BBQ Fest is one for barbecue lovers, and events like Festa Italiana, Polish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, and Irish Fest celebrate their respective cultures.