5 Things That Will Help You Sleep At Night

5 Things That Will Help You Sleep At Night

5 Things That Will Help You Sleep At Night

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Everybody keeps talking about how important your bedroom is in order to induce a night of deep and sound sleep – but when you close your eyes at night, all that really matters is the bed. Place a luxuriously cushioned bed in a garage, if you like, or a heavenly mattress in the middle of your living room and we’d still get those much-needed hours before the sun rises again.

It’s not to say that it wouldn’t be nice to tuck yourself into a bed that is surrounded by greenery and harmonious colours, though, or to wake up in a room that is cool and smelling of fresh laundry rather than whatever your garage may smell like. The point is, at the end of the day, we all love our beds and should make sure that it is as comfortable and snug as money allows.

Here is how you can prep the most important piece of furniture in your home, making it into the kind of sanctuary that gives you energy and quiet nights filled with dreams.

A good mattress is always worth it

Let’s get the worst one over with first; making your bed as comfortable as possible is, of course, all about having the right kind of mattress. You simply won’t be able to get the kind of comfort you’re looking for without spending some money on a high-quality mattress.

These tend to cost quite a bit, though, and you’d want to do your research before investing in one. Here is everything you need to know about latex mattresses, which by the way are increasing in popularity, as well as some other tips on what you should keep your eyes out for when mattress shopping.

If you want to get started on making your bed a whole lot better but simply cannot afford to spend money on a brand new mattress at the moment, you should consider looking at a topper mattress instead. It will send your bed up a couple of levels right away so that you can enjoy a soft and peaceful night sleep without spending all your savings at once.

These topper mattresses are also available in memory foam or the slightly superior latex variations in case you want to keep it classy without going all-out on a new mattress.

Top it with a quilted mattress cover

This is when we’re starting to get serious about levelling up our bed game. A fancy mattress is great and all that, but most people treat their bedrooms to this – a quilted mattress cover, on the other hand, speaks for itself. Just layer it on top of your regular mattress or topper, if you’d like to feel like a true princess or prince, and wrap your sheet around it before tucking yourself in.

Not only will this kind of mattress cover protect your beloved mattress but it will also give you that extra cushioned feeling you’ve been looking for. They’re not really that expensive either and will make a great alternative to purchasing an entirely new mattress. It prolongs the life of your mattress, gives you a much higher quality of sleep, and is generally just an awesome way of being comfortable at night.

Spritz some essential oils in the room

Some people may recommend that you spray the essential oil straight onto your pillow and you’re welcome to do this – but by burning the oil or just allowing it to linger in the bedroom before you hit the sack, you won’t have your pillows smelling of lavender or orange all day long. It’s up to you, though, and lavender-scented pillows don’t sound that bad either.

The essential oil trick has two benefits to it. First of all, some of the scents are proven to calm you down a bit and even induce sleep – kind of like how chamomile is also known as a mild sedative and therefore the perfect night-time brew.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter if you believe in this kind of aromatherapy or not; even if it doesn’t induce anything at all, you will still start to associate the scent with sleepiness whether you like it or not.

That’s just how our brains are wired and you should take advantage of it right away. Certain scents can have an incredibly soothing effect, helping us to drift off into a natural sleep. Lavender is, of course, on the top of the list together with lemon and bergamot.

Wrap a sheer canopy around your bed

When we were kids, it seemed like sheer canopies were something only rich people or royalties would sleep in. Luckily, we’re all grown up and can decide for ourselves – decide to hang one around your bed and you’ll be sleeping like a baby again.

True enough, the canopy doesn’t make your bed any more comfortable or provide you with a sense of extra cushion but it works the same way as the essential oil trick explained above. It plays a bit with your mind, in other words, and your sleepyhead will be drawn to it just like a cat is drawn to be cradled inside of a box simply because it feels more snug and secure.

Close it up when it’s time for sleep and you’ll instantly feel just a little bit more comfortable and safe inside of your cocoon. These canopies don’t cost much at all either and you can even make one yourself if you’re crafty like that. 

Now, your bed should be the most heavenly piece of furniture you’ve ever laid down in. Consider the rest of your bedroom as well, by all means, and add a few plants that help you to breathe easier at night and remember to keep the room cool before you go to bed.

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