Going it alone – continuing my weight loss journey

Going it alone - continuing my weight loss journey

Going it alone – continuing my weight loss journey

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I’ve written a couple of posts about my weight loss journey and how I’ve been using Muscle Foods to help me on my way. I honestly don’t think I could have made it this far without their Do the Unthinkable Program. So far, I’ve lost just under 2 stone thanks to their food and exercise plan!

I’ve come to a point though where I need to start preparing my own food and stop eating separate meals to the rest of the family. Whilst the Muscle Food plan is really great value for money, it does mean that we’ve been spending more than we usually would on food – something that we need to change.

I also don’t think that I’m setting the best example to the kids by always eating different meals to them. It’s been great for them to see me eating healthily and exercising, but I think that now I’ve lost a big chunk of weight, it needs to become something that we do as a family.

So, I had my last delivery today. I’ve cancelled the plan and I’m going it alone!

It’s a pretty daunting place to be!

How I’m going to make this work

I’ve got a full week’s worth of food to get through,  so I’m going to spend that week working out some family meals that I can make going forwards to make sure that I stick to my daily calorific allowance and prepare meals that everyone will enjoy.

  • Meal plan – this is something I always do, it saves a great deal of time and money!
  • Cook from scratch – some nights this isn’t always possible so I’ll plan meals for the slow cooker on days I know the evenings are busy.
  • Plan my exercise – I got a bit fed up with the Do the Unthinkable DVDs, so I’m going to try my Zumba one for a few weeks and see how that goes.
  • Walk – get out with the kids in the fresh air!
  • Buy plenty of fruit and veg – great for peckish moments.
  • Bulk buy – as a business owner I can get access to a wholesalers, so I’m going to bulk buy the snacks I’ll really miss from Muscle Food.

I’m really nervous about taking a break, because I’ve been steadily losing weight since starting the plan back in December, but I know it’s the right time. And, if all else fails, I can quickly sign back up again!

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