The online world of cougar dating

The online world of cougar dating

By Editor 0 Comment April 2, 2019

Dating an older woman isn’t a new concept, and as women these days often take better care of themselves as they get older, they can often be far more attractive to the younger man.

cougar dating

What is a cougar?

An “older,” experienced woman who happens to find herself in a sexual relationship (committed or not) with a younger man. She is not necessarily a slut, nor is she desperate. She offers sexual expertise and is open to new experiences. She simply wants to have fun. Though older, she may actually look younger than her “hook-up.” She is attractive, confident, and just wants to have fun. She will not attempt to trap her mate into marriage, children or even an exclusive relationship. She is not interested in drama or games, as that would interfere with the pleasure she enjoys.

Gone are the days when being called a cougar was offensive. Nowadays, many older women are delighted when they hear themselves talked about in that way. It means that they are attractive, confident and wanted.

What’s in it for the men?

Older women are naturally more experienced. They often know exactly what they want and what they enjoy, and this can be a huge turn on for a youn man.

Often, cougars are in it for the fun and excitement of dating a younger man, they’re not interested in a long term relationship. For a young man just starting out in life, this suits him perfectly!

Meeting people

If you’re new to the whole “cougar” scene, then you might be feeling a little nervous about putting yourself out there and starting to look for a younger man to meet up with. This is perfectly natural! Initially, you’re probably wondering whether you’re doing the right thing, whether anyone will want to date you, and how on earth to explain the whole thing to your friends.

In this modern age, the internet can be an absolute godsend in these situations. Whilst you’re not hiding behind the keyboard, using the internet does offer you some protection and some self-preservation as opposed to actually going out in public to try to find a younger man.

Websites such as My Cougar Dates have been specifically created to help you to meet somebody who wants the same things as you do.

By signing up to specialist websites, you allow yourself the time to explore the whole world of dating a younger man, without actually putting yourself out there in public. It gives you a sneaky peak into that world whilst you find your feet. Then, once you have built up the confidence to meet up with a younger man, you can take your time and be a little bit picky about who you actually meet up with, rather than having a lucky dip situation in your local pub!

So, if you think that cougar dating might be for you, I would definitely recommend setting yourself up with an online profile and spending some time investigating the possibilities. You never know, it might be the best thing you ever did.


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