Where to look when you want a little fun…

Where to look when you want a little fun…

By Editor 0 Comment May 22, 2019

As a female lifestyle blogger, I want to be completely open and honest with my readers and help them to get the best experiences out of life. Sometimes, that means talking about subjects that are perhaps a little controversial. I’ll be honest, I actually enjoy talking about taboo subjects (as you might have noticed)! One of the things that doesn’t get talked about enough is S E X. There, I said it, sex. It’s something that the vast majority of adults enjoy, but it’s not something we feel comfortable discussing. Go figure! I wanted to talk about sex, but not just sex – casual sex. This is a subject that’s even more taboo (and it shouldn’t be).

The vast majority of adults enjoy some kind of sex life. It’s a completely natural part of life,  yet it’s something that we only tend to talk about with our partners or closest friends. There are huge taboos around talking openly about your sex life, which can make it really difficult to get answers when you need advice.

If you’re fortunate enough to have open and honest friendships where you can ask each other anything, then you’re one of the lucky ones. If not, then read on…

Casual Sex

Not everyone is in a long term relationship, yet just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have sex. Casual relationships are a great way to enjoy an active sex life without any of the ties of a relationship. Many modern women love their single status. They enjoy the freedom of doing their own thing, and being their own person.

If you’re a single lady, you may well still want to have an active sex life. And that is nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, having an active sex life is incredibly good for you. The problem often lies in finding somebody to have a casual relationship with.

Often, single women are labelled if they make it known that they’re looking for a one night stand. There are some really derogatory terms used about ladies keen to have casual sex! It’s completely wrong, but it’s sadly true.

So where can women turn if they want a one night stand?

Thankfully, these days there are plenty of options for women looking to have some casual fun. Thanks to developments in technology, the world of online dating makes it really easy to meet likeminded people without actually leaving the house. In recent years, there has also been a big increase in the number of sex dating sites. These sites are geared specifically towards those wanting a more casual relationship, so they are perfect for ladies looking for some casual fun.

The beauty of online dating sites is that you can test the waters a little before making any commitments. So, if you’re new to the whole casual dating scene, you can get a feel for things before you actually head out to meet anybody. It’s perfect for those finding their feet or lacking a little confidence.

What about those in a relationship?

It’s a shame, but there are plenty of people who are in an unhappy marriage or long term relationship. That’s just part of life unfortunately. Using an online service can be a way for these unhappy ladies to delve into the realms of a marital affair. Whilst I’m by no means advocating having an affair, there are people who do so with the approval of their partner. Whether it be due to illness or just a mutual agreement, these kind of affairs do happen.

Obviously, most married people don’t want it to be public knowledge that they are embarking on an affair. That’s what makes the internet so appealing. It allows you to try things out in privacy. You can chat to people online, away from the prying eyes of your family and friends, and get a feel for whether this is what you really want. If it is, and you decide to go ahead, then there’s no need for anybody else to know.

Casual dating has a really important role to play in today’s society. Whilst I strongly believe that we should have people we can all talk to, I know that it isn’t always the case. If casual dating is something that you want to get into, then hopefully this post has given you some valuable pointers. Do you have any advice for single ladies wanting to enjoy a one night stand? What would your top tips be?

*This is a collaborative post.

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